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✅ Legiit Review

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💡 TL;DR Summary

Legiit is a user-friendly freelance marketplace with a diverse pool of skilled freelancers offering various digital marketing services.

For buyers, it provides access to professionals who can efficiently meet their needs, backed by a solid support system.

Sellers benefit from features like a user-friendly dashboard, multiple withdrawal options, and a Facebook Group for networking.

While Legiit offers competitive pricing and responsive customer support, it may have a limited seller pool and lacks a refund policy for completed orders.

Overall, Legiit is a reliable platform for both buyers and sellers to connect and thrive in the digital marketing industry.


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ℹī¸ Introduction

Legiit is a freelance marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in the digital marketing services industry, offering a wide range of services from SEO and social media management to web design and content writing. The platform was founded by Chris M. Walker, who actively mentors freelancers on how to succeed in their businesses. Unlike other freelance platforms, Legiit is known for its low escrow fees and is regulated by a founder who understands the needs of its users.

From a buyer's perspective, Legiit offers a diverse pool of professional freelancers providing a wide range of services. The platform is particularly popular for SEO services, but buyers can also find graphic design, website design, video editing, and more. Legiit has a solid support system for both buyers and sellers, ensuring fair and transparent dispute resolution when needed. Buyers can benefit from promotions, discounts, and deep affiliate offers for purchased services.

For sellers, Legiit offers several features to help freelancers conduct their businesses with ease. The platform provides a user-friendly dashboard to manage sales, a landing page to describe services, multiple withdrawal options, instant messaging for communication with clients, and various premium features like recurring billing and business analytics. Sellers can also leverage the Legiit Facebook Group for networking opportunities, posting service links, and sharing case studies or reviews to attract potential customers.

Overall, Legiit has proven to be a life-changing platform for both buyers and sellers, with its user-friendly interface, diverse services, and strong support system. Freelancers can thrive by optimizing their service descriptions, gathering positive reviews, and networking both on and off the platform. For buyers, Legiit offers access to skilled professionals who can efficiently fulfill their digital marketing needs.

This review uses data collected from Legiit's website, as well as other online sources, to help you decide if Legiit is the best link building service for you.

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đŸŽ¯ Target Audience

The target audience for Legiit is individuals involved in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) who are looking for a freelancer marketplace to outsource specific tasks related to SEO implementation.

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đŸŽ¯ Legiit Pros

  • Quality freelancers: Legiit attracts skilled freelancers across various industries, providing access to top-quality professionals with expertise in specific fields.
  • User-friendly platform: Legiit's intuitive and easy-to-use interface simplifies the process of finding the right freelancer and managing projects efficiently.
  • Affordable pricing: Legiit offers competitive pricing on a wide range of services, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • Secure payment system: Legiit's payment system ensures the protection of both businesses and freelancers, as payments are released only after work approval.
  • Good customer support service: Legiit offers responsive customer support to assist with platform navigation and resolve any issues that may arise.

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đŸŽ¯ Legiit Cons

  • Limited seller pool: While Legiit provides a diverse pool of freelancers, it may not have as many sellers as larger competitors, potentially limiting options for finding the right freelancer.
  • Some sellers may have limited experience: As Legiit is open to freelancers of all skill levels, some sellers might have limited experience or skills, leading to potential quality or turnaround time issues.
  • No refund policy: Legiit does not offer refunds for completed orders, which means customers may not be able to receive a refund if a project doesn't meet expectations. While revisions or disputes can be requested, they may not always lead to a satisfactory outcome.

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The list below provides an overview of the features offered by Legiit so that you can very quickly see if the features you need are available.

Legiit Link Building Services
  • Backlinks

  • PBN Links

  • PBN Domains

  • Video SEO

  • Keyword Research

  • On-Site Optimization

  • Guest Posts

  • Local SEO

  • Misc

  • PBN Creation

  • Reputation Management

  • Link Insertions

  • HARO Links

  • Technical SEO

  • PR Links

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Online Sellers

  • Social Media SEO Campaign

  • Branded Foundation Links

  • High-Quality PREMIUM PBN Links! With Drip Feed

  • High Quality Local Citations For Any Country

  • Niche Relevant Stacked Web 2.0 Links

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📌 Legiit - SEO & Other Services

The list below provides an overview of the services offered by Legiit so that you can quickly see if what you need is available.

Legiit SEO Services
  • Graphics & Design

  • SEO

  • Internet Marketing

  • Video

  • Audio Services

  • Programming & Technology

  • Business

  • Writing

  • eCommerce

  • Ai Services

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💲 Promotions & Discounts

Legiit offers promotions & discounts on services. Click To Learn More

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💲 Payment Methods

PayPal, Skrill, Credit Card, Funds from a Wallet Deposit, Legiit Bucks.

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đŸ’ĩ Refund Policy for Legiit

A clear, accessible refund policy is vital for businesses, demonstrating confidence in their offerings and readiness to refund unsatisfied customers. Legiit has a refund policy, which is summarized below.

To get a refund on Legiit, customers can cancel new, incomplete, or late orders by contacting [email protected] or opening a support ticket.

An order in progress can be canceled by contacting the freelancer.

For delivered or completed orders, customers can open a dispute to request a refund.

Refunds are returned to the Legiit wallet, and customers can use the funds elsewhere on the platform or withdraw them.

Further assistance can be obtained by opening a support ticket.

Link to the Legiit Refund Policy

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legiit?

Legiit is an online platform that connects businesses with talented freelancers in various fields, such as graphic design, writing, web development, and SEO.

What are the key features of Legiit?

Legiit offers a user-friendly platform with diverse gig categories, seller profiles and reviews, communication tools, a secure payment system, and a clean user interface.

How can I use Legiit to find a freelancer?

To use Legiit, you need to sign up and create an account. Then, you can search for freelancers using gig categories or specific keywords, place orders on their gig pages, communicate with sellers, and make secure payments.

What are the accepted payment methods on Legiit?

Legiit accepts payments through PayPal, Stripe, and Credit/Debit Cards during the checkout process.

How long does it take for a seller to deliver the completed order?

The delivery time for completed orders is set by the seller and can vary depending on the project's scope and complexity.

What if I'm not satisfied with the work delivered by a seller?

If you're unsatisfied, you can request revisions or initiate a dispute through Legiit's Resolution Center to resolve any issues with the seller.

Can I cancel an order on Legiit?

You can cancel an order on Legiit before the seller accepts it. Once accepted, you'll need to work with the seller to resolve any cancellation requests.

How does Legiit ensure the security of my personal and financial information?

Legiit uses SSL encryption to protect your information and securely stores it on its servers. It also has a secure payment system that processes transactions to prevent fraud.

What are the pros of using Legiit Freelancer Platform?

Legiit offers quality freelancers, a user-friendly platform, affordable pricing, a secure payment system, and good customer support.

What are the cons of using Legiit Online Marketplace Platform?

The cons include a limited seller pool, some sellers with limited experience, and the lack of a refund policy for completed orders.

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⚙ī¸ Conclusion

The information in this Legiit review is presented to help you make your own, informed, decision about whether this is the best link building service for you.

How do you know if Legiit is right for you?

  • Legiit seems to be best suited for individuals involved in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) who are looking for a freelancer marketplace to outsource specific tasks related to SEO implementation.

You can use this data to compare Legiit to other link building services and to assess how well they meet your needs.

If you are considering Legiit but still unsure, we recommend that you research further by visiting their website, checking customer reviews, and social media channels like Reddit to see what other people are saying.

Hopefully, this review of Legiit has given you further insight into what they offer, and if the features they offer are what you're looking for.

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🔀 Alternatives to Legiit

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