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✅ Fiverr Review

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💡 TL;DR Summary

Fiverr offers an accessible online marketplace with a wide range of cheap backlink services tailored to specific needs. While it has grown significantly and gained popularity over the years, caution is advised due to potential scams and low-quality services on the platform.

Buyers must be well-versed in SEO and conduct thorough research to ensure safe transactions. Fiverr has its pros, including a diverse array of affordable services, a refund policy, a large user base, and quick turnaround times.

However, there are cons, such as the risk of poor-quality backlinks, attracting spammers, and association with black hat SEO techniques. It's essential for users to carefully assess their needs and explore other link-building methods for better long-term results.


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ℹī¸ Introduction

When it comes to link building, the process can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive for SEO professionals and site owners. To address this, Fiverr offers an online marketplace where users can easily browse and acquire cheap backlink services tailored to their specific needs. However, while Fiverr provides access to a vast array of services, it's crucial for new users to exercise caution and understand what to look out for to ensure safe and effective transactions.

Fiverr, founded in 2010, is a popular freelance marketplace for various digital services, including graphics design, programming, writing, and digital marketing. With a broad range of services offered, including backlinks and SEO-related tasks, Fiverr has grown significantly over the years. Despite being a platform for legitimate and skilled freelancers, it's essential to exercise diligence when dealing with Fiverr sellers, as it's also been associated with scams and low-quality services.

One must be well-versed in SEO, particularly in link building, to make informed decisions when purchasing backlinks from Fiverr. While there are reputable and highly skilled freelancers offering quality services, there are also those who provide spammy, low-quality links that can harm a website's search engine ranking. To mitigate potential risks, buyers can create test sites to vet link packages before deploying them to their main websites. Fiverr can still be a valuable marketplace for buying backlinks, especially for quick wins at an affordable price, as long as buyers exercise caution and conduct thorough research.

This review uses data collected from Fiverr's website, as well as other online sources, to help you decide if Fiverr is the best link building service for you.

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đŸŽ¯ Target Audience

The target audience for Legiit is digital marketers, freelancers, and online entrepreneurs seeking a platform to outsource services, find high-quality professionals in areas such as digital marketing and web development.

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đŸŽ¯ Fiverr Pros

  • Fiverr offers a wide range of services, including graphic design, digital marketing, writing, and SEO.
  • The platform provides affordable services, making it accessible to many users.
  • Fiverr has a refund policy for unsatisfied customers.
  • It offers various Gig options and packages for buyers to choose from.
  • Fiverr has a large user base, making it a popular marketplace for freelancers and customers alike.
  • Low cost compared to other SEO services, making it accessible to small businesses and startups.
  • Wide variety of sellers and services to choose from, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Quick turnaround times for orders, beneficial for websites that require urgent SEO services.
  • Some sellers provide high-quality services and deliver results that positively impact website ranking and traffic.

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đŸŽ¯ Fiverr Cons

  • Fiverr backlinks SEO may not provide the desired quality of backlinks, as the platform is known for delivering poor results.
  • The platform attracts spammers and low-quality service providers, making it crucial for users to be cautious.
  • Fiverr is associated with black hat SEO techniques, which can lead to penalties from search engines.
  • The low prices on Fiverr may compromise the overall quality of services and backlinks offered.
  • Many professionals do not recommend Fiverr backlinks, suggesting that users rely on more reputable link-building agencies for better results.
  • Risk of low-quality services and spammy links that can harm website ranking and reputation.
  • Some sellers may use black hat SEO techniques, violating Google's guidelines and leading to penalties.
  • Lack of transparency and communication with some sellers, making it difficult to understand the services provided.
  • Potential negative consequences on website ranking and traffic.

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The list below provides an overview of the features offered by Fiverr so that you can very quickly see if the features you need are available.

Fiverr Link Building Services
  • Off-page SEO

  • On-page SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Articles & Blog Posts

  • E-Commerce Marketing

  • SEO Keyword Research

  • Video Marketing

  • Local SEO

  • E-Commerce SEO

  • Video SEO

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📌 Fiverr - SEO & Other Services

The list below provides an overview of the services offered by Fiverr so that you can quickly see if what you need is available.

Fiverr SEO Services
  • Graphics & Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Writing & Translation

  • Video & Animation

  • Music & Audio

  • Programming & Tech

  • Data

  • Business

  • Lifestyle

  • Photography

  • End-to-End Projects

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💲 Promotions & Discounts

Fiverr does not offer regular promotions & discounts on services.

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💲 Payment Methods

Apple Pay, Boleto, Credit/Debit Card, Fiverr Balance, GiroPay, Google Pay, iDEAL, OXXO, PayPal, Sofort, Wire Transfer

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đŸ’ĩ Refund Policy for Fiverr

A clear, accessible refund policy is vital for businesses, demonstrating confidence in their offerings and readiness to refund unsatisfied customers. Fiverr has a refund policy, which is summarized below.

Fiverr's refund policy allows customers to easily receive refunds for cancelled orders.

After approval of a cancellation request, customers have options to choose from: picking a different seller, using the "Match Me" feature, or receiving a refund to their Fiverr Balance.

Refunds are credited directly to the Fiverr Balance, not to the original payment source.

The timeline for refunds varies depending on the method chosen: PayPal refunds are usually completed within 24 hours, while credit card refunds take 7-10 days.

Fiverr cannot change the payment source for refunds, and refunds will be processed in the original payment currency.

Link to the Fiverr Refund Policy

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📧 Contacting Fiverr

You can contact Fiverr using the following methods:

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fiverr backlinks?

Fiverr backlinks are backlinks obtained through the Fiverr marketplace, where various link vendors offer different types of links, including private blog network (PBN) links, web 2.0 links, and links from real websites.

Do Fiverr backlinks work?

The effectiveness of Fiverr backlinks depends on how they are acquired and used. Properly vetted and relevant backlinks can provide positive results, but purchasing low-quality or irrelevant backlinks can harm a website's rankings.

What kind of backlinks can you get on Fiverr?

Fiverr offers a wide range of backlink options, including PBN links, web 2.0 links, links from actual websites, and even .gov or .edu backlinks.

How much do Fiverr backlinks cost?

Fiverr backlink prices vary based on the type of link and the vendor. Some backlinks can be as low as $5, while others, especially from high-quality websites, may cost several hundred dollars.

Are Fiverr backlinks worth it?

The worth of Fiverr backlinks depends on the quality and relevance of the links acquired. While some may offer positive effects through tiered link building, buying low-quality backlinks could lead to penalties from search engines.

What are the possible positive effects of Fiverr backlinks?

When used correctly, Fiverr backlinks can be utilized in tiered link building, providing indirect link juice and boosting rankings. However, it's crucial to be cautious and avoid overdoing it to prevent negative SEO consequences.

What are the best Fiverr backlinks?

The best Fiverr backlinks depend on individual needs, including niche, website metrics, and desired anchor text. It's advisable to avoid automated links, footer text links, and vendors selling thousands of links.

Can Fiverr backlinks risk getting a site penalized by Google?

Yes, purchasing low-quality or irrelevant backlinks from Fiverr can risk penalization by Google and other search engines. It's essential to manually check the links and ensure they align with a website's niche and audience.

How can you determine if Fiverr backlinks are good or bad?

To determine the quality of Fiverr backlinks, you should analyze the website's Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), traffic, and history using tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and the Wayback Machine.

Should you buy Fiverr backlinks or focus on other link-building methods?

While Fiverr backlinks can be used judiciously in tiered link building, it's also recommended to explore other link-building methods, such as traditional outreach and partnerships with reputable digital marketing agencies, to obtain high-quality and relevant backlinks for better long-term results.

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⚙ī¸ Conclusion

The information in this Fiverr review is presented to help you make your own, informed, decision about whether this is the best link building service for you.

How do you know if Fiverr is right for you?

  • Fiverr seems to be best suited for digital marketers, freelancers, and online entrepreneurs seeking a platform to outsource services, find high-quality professionals in areas such as digital marketing and web development.

You can use this data to compare Fiverr to other link building services and to assess how well they meet your needs.

If you are considering Fiverr but still unsure, we recommend that you research further by visiting their website, checking customer reviews, and social media channels like Reddit to see what other people are saying.

Hopefully, this review of Fiverr has given you further insight into what they offer, and if the features they offer are what you're looking for.

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🔀 Alternatives to Fiverr

If you're looking for alternatives to Fiverr, below is a list of comparisons to the most popular link building alternatives to consider.

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